MJX Hyper Go 16208 RC Car Upgrade Parts list MJX RC Car Metal Parts for sale

MJX Hyper Go 16208 RC Car Upgrade Parts list


Article number:DBS000180
Brand:MJX Hyper Go
Weight:200 gram
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MJX Hyper Go 16208 Upgrade Parts Name:

Includes accessories:

1, Front and rear shock absorber *4PCS, size: aperture 3.0mm, total length 75mm stroke 12mm (Note: this product is a hydraulic shock absorber can be refueled without oil.)

2, Front hem arm *2PCS, size :63.42mm*29.8mm*10.02mm

3, Front upper swing arm *2PCS, size: 59.98mm*21.96mm*5mm

4, Front steering cup *2PCS, size: 39.34mm*29.9mm*23.84mm

5, Front steering tie rod *2PCS, size: aperture 2.5mm, total length 44mm-56mm

6, Front steering set *1PCS, size: 45.2mm*34.5mm*16mm

7, Rear hem arm *2PCS, size: 68.1mm*30.2mm*10.5mm

8, Rear upper swing arm *2PCS, size: 65.98mm*27.4mm*8.2mm

9, Rear cup *2PCS, size: 32.1mm*15.2mm*14.27mm;

Weight: 187g;

Packaged Quantity: 1set;

Material: Aluminum Alloy;

Metal parts will make it more stronger, not easy to break.

About features of MJX Hyper Go 16208 RC Car:

16208 is a classic work of MJX Hyper Go, and after the product was launched, it was very popular. This car features a 2.4Ghz 4-wheel drive and a powerful brushless motor, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 52KM/H. The strong power of this car makes it an exciting choice for racing enthusiasts.

The MJX Hyper go 16208 RC Car is designed for high performance and durability, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced racers. With its advanced technology and sleek design, this remote control car offers an exhilarating experience for users.

Whether you are looking to compete in races or simply enjoy the thrill of speed, the MJX Hyper go 16208 is sure to impress with its impressive capabilities;

And, you also can find all the original spare parts for this 16208 RC Truck.

MJX Hyper Go RC Car player reviews: I am very like this Hyper Go 16208 RC Car, easy to Play, Holding the remote controller, the high-level remote control car is like a smart spirit, running freely under my command. It turns flexibly and accelerates rapidly, and every moment is full of passion. This remote control car has excellent performance and is my best partner, allowing me to enjoy the peak of speed and feel the pleasure of free control, releasing endless joy.

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