Terms and conditions of use

Rule 1 (Payment and Address, Zip Code)

1, About payment way, this shop only accept Paypal, (If you need pay it by Visa, Mastercard, JCB, please sent email to us.);

2, About Address: In order to you can get the package, You must be fill your complete address, included door number, Stree, City, Province, and Zip Code, and, i suggest you fill your Phone number (If you feel your country shipment is not good, please fill your phone number, so that your country shipment company can contact you.) If your package included battery, must be fill phone number, because the battery package if fill phone number, will be more easy to sent out.

Rule 2 (Shipment)

1, If the products are in stock, we will sent it to the shipment company 1-2 Days, most of them can be ship out in 24 hours;

2, If the products are not in stock, we will go to order it, most of them will be ready in 1-3 days, if we can not get the products in 3 days, we will sent email to you, tell you about the order and tell you estimated time;

3, Some special products, and sometimes no inventory, need to order, and sometimes may be 3-7 days. If the manufacturer or supplier needs more time (more than 7 days), we will tell you the actual situation, let you choose.

4, For developed countries or regions, Most of the package will be get to your country in about 7-30 Days (about 90%);

5, Individual remote countries may be 20-35 days, if it is encountered in special circumstances such as festivals, may be delayed 3-7 days or longer.

6, If you chose DHL shipment way, you maybe need pay tax to your country, so, you need go to know about this before chose DHL fast shipment way, and must be fill your right Zip Code and Phone number, if you no fill phone number, we will not sent it out.

7, Logistics delay: For the general logistics company, are not 100% guarantee the transport time, so I hope you can understand. If you encounter special circumstances, such as holidays, weather, strikes and other irresistible problems, will lead to logistics delays.

8, About 97% package have Track number.

If you want to know more about the shipment, please contact us.

Rule 3 (About refund or return)

1, If you can not receiver the package in about 40 days, please contact us, we will go to check it.

(However, remote countries sometimes require more time)

2, After the package shipped out 65 Days, you still no receiver the package, after we check it, we can full refund or return.

(But, If it is a special product, need to order, resulting in logistics delay, another discussion.)

3, Non-refundable: A, you buy the wrong parts or products; B, you had fill the wrong address.

4, If we sent the wrong parts or products, we will resent, or refund.

5, When you receiver the package, but do not like it, we will not refund and can not accept return.

If you need to know more thing about payment, shipment, please contact us.

If you want to get quickly answer, please leave massage to our shop, and leave your right Email.