Udirc UdiR/C helicopter Parts

Udi and Udirc toys helicopter are maked in China, ShanTou city, you can buy all parts for UdiR/C remote control helicopter parts.

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  • U829X Quadrocopter Parts

    Udirc toys U829X is 2.4G Quadrocopter, about 52CM, super big Quadcopter, you can buy Camera for it. We have all parts for U829X UFO.

  • U12 U12A helicopter parts

    Udirc toys U12 and U12A are big helicopter, 3.5ch, about 75CM, 2.4G helicopter. and you can buy camera for them, or upgrade battery. Udir/c toys helicopter parts. Udir/c U12C is camera version.

  • I350H i550 Drone Parts

    Udir/c i350H drone with Altitude hold mode, i350HW wifi fpv quadcopter. Udi i550 quad parts.

  • U23 Helicopter Parts

    Udir/c helicopter, U23 3d helicopter, it is big toys, long about 78CM, with Gyro, play about 5-7 minutes. we have all parts for U23 rc helicopter.

  • U17 Helicopter Parts

    Udir/c U17 Helicopter is new toys, about 47cm long, use 3.7V 1100mAh battery, play about 6 minutes; you can buy all parts for U17 RC heli.

  • U813 U821 Helicopter...

    Udir/c U813 is small helicopter, very good toys for Children; Udirc U821 is new helicopter with Wheel, so it can run on the load, and it can fly in the air. they are not same, so when you buy the parts, must be check the model number.

  • U25 U823 Helicopter Parts

    Udir/c U25 helicopter, size: 43*19*24cm, 2.4G with gyro, 7.4V 600mAh battery; Udr/c U823 is mini helicopter, size about: 26.7*14.8*12cm, mini version of U25; when you buy the parts, must be check the number.

  • U818A U817C U815 U817...

    Udir/c remote control quadcopter parts, U818A and U817C is big UFO, you can buy Camera for them, if you can not find the parts, please tell me, must note, they are not same, so must be check the Number.

  • UdiR/C U941A U939 U949...

    UdiR/C U941A U939 U949 U959 Quadcopter is Mini UFO, very good for children. Udir/c U941A U941 is about 9*9*3.5CM, fly about 6 minutes, 3D Flying NANO RX4; Udirc U939 Quadropter is new version, very mini, about 5.6*5.6*2.5cm. you can buy all parts for Udir/c quad copter.

  • D1 D2 Helicopter Parts

    UdiR/C remote control radio Helicopter, Udirc D1 is large helicopter, size 83 x 13 x 30 CM, 7.4V 1500MAH power battery, 4CH, 2.4Ghz;

    D2 is single flybarless helicopter, 2.4G, size 28 x 4 x 8.2 CM, 3.7V 250mAh battery, Four-channel the flapless 2.4 G remote control a small plane. we have all spare parts for them.

  • U6A U13A Helicopter parts

    Udir/c Helicopter spare parts:

    U6A is 3.5CH wireless remote control helicopter.

    U13A is 2.4G Mid Metal Helicopter, size 34 x 5.6 x 15.2 CM, 3.7V 580MAH battery, included camera.

  • U820 U825 U822 Helicopter

    Udir/c Helicopter parts:

    U820 is 2.4G metal helicopter, small helikopter, size about 23 x 4.4 x 11 CM,160mah battery;

    U822 is 3.5 CH infrared control helicopter;

    U825 is multi helicopter, can run, can fly, good toys for children.

  • UdiRC Falcon U842...

    UdiR/C Falcon U842 Quad-copter, Udi rc U842 UFO spare parts. It can install HD Camera, there are many feature:

    HD upgrade, increase the size,
    Low voltage warning, Patent of appearance design;

    7.4V 800mAh LI-poly Battery.

  • UDI WING-D U29

    UDI WING-D U29 Quadcopter parts, must be note, this is Upgrade version of U29W, They are not same version.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 342 items