Shuang Ma Double horse

ShuangMa helicopter, SHUANG MA (DH-TOYS, doulbe horse) remote control helicopter factory is old brand, it had product many big and mini helicopter, included Quadrocopter, and RC boar, rc car.

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  • DH-9135 9137 9128 9136

    SHUANG MA helicopter parts, ShuangMA RC Quadcopter, SH-9135, SH-9128, SH-9136 ARE mini quadrocopter, very good for children; SH-9135 is big Quad copter, about 33.4cm. now you can buy all parts for these aircaft.

  • DH-9130 9131 9120 Helios

    Double Horse Helicopter, SHUANG MA, Shuang ma, DH-9130, DH-9131, DH-9120 are all Mini Helicopter; DH-9120 is single screws, 2.4Ghz, 3CH. Now, you can buy all parts for these helicopter, if you can not find it, please tell me.

  • DH-9116 DH-9117...

    SHUANGMA DH9116, Double hores DH-9117 are single screws helicopter, 2.4Ghz, 4CH, More stable, you can buy Upgrade battery for them, play longer time.

  • DH-9104 DH-9100...

    Shuangma (SHUANG MA) DH-9104 is single screws, 2.4G, 4ch, large helicopter; DH-9100 is mini helicopter, about 39CM, use 650mAh li-po battery. we have all parts for these helikopter.

  • DH-9101 DH-9102...

    SHUANG MA R/C helicopter, SHUANG MA 9101 is big helicopter, 1500mAh, 3CH, 64cm; air max NO.9102 is small helikopter, about 19cm, 150mAh li-po battery. now, you can buy all parts for this helicopter.