BO Rong BORong helicopter

BORONG Helicopter, BO Rong helikopter is new brand, it had product many Larger helicopter, good quality and price. now you can buy all parts for BR helicopter, if you can not find it, please tell me.

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  • BR6508 BR MODEL...

    BORONG larger helicopter, BO RONG (br model), BR6508 is supper larger helikopter, long about 130CM, 2.4Ghz, build in Gyro, servo system, can install Camera, use power battery, 11.1V 2100mAh, after package, about 5KG; If you are older player, i think BR-6508 is very good for you.

  • BR6808 BR6008 Helicopter

    BORONG helicopter, BR6808 and V-MAX BR6008 are 3.5ch, 2.4Ghz big helicopter; 

  • BR6801 BR6098T helicopter

    BO RONG helicopter, BORONG BR6801 is not 2.4Ghz, so when you buy pcb, you must be note this; br model BR6098T is 2.4Ghz, 3.5CH, 80CM, big helicopter; 

  • BR6804 BR6802 Qaudcopter

    BORONG BR6804 is Large Quad-copter, about 103cm, 4.5ch, 6-axis, can install HD 200W camera, use 1500mAh Battery; BO Rong BR6802 is big quadcopter UFO, about 58.6cm, use 7.4V 650mAh battery, can install 130W camera.