MJ Ming Ji Helicopter

MJ helicopter, MING JI (MINGJI) remote control helicopter Factory is new Brand, there are many good and cheap helicopter, included larger and min heli, RC Quadcopter, helikopter with Camera, we have all parts for these helicopter and UFO.

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  • NO.100 101 102 UFO

    MJ RC UFO parts, Ming Ji NO.100 X4 Quadcopter, about 33CM, 3.7V 600mAh battery; NO.101 is F35 2.4G; NO.102 quad copter is about 2.4G 15cm, mini UFO. you can buy all spare parts for them at here.

  • 801 802 807 Helicopter

    MJ Ming Ji 801 and NO.802 are large helicopter, about 80CM, 7.4V 1500mAh Battery; MJ NO.807 is mini Helicopter; we have many spare parts, included power battery, rotor, gear, and other parts.

  • 301 502 503 509...

    MJ NO.301 NO.501 are mini rc helicopter; Ming Ji NO.502, 503, 509 are also small Helicopter, good toys for children, some of the spare parts can be used for each other, but some parts are not same. so you need check the Helikopter number.

  • 601 603 604-W Wifi Heli

    MJ Ming Ji NO.601 size about 47CM, there are two version, 27Mhz AND 40Mhz, so, when you buy PCB Board, you need check this;

    Ming Ji NO.603 is 2.4Ghz whit Gyro, Big helicopter;

    MingJi NO.604-W Wife is control by Phone, so, you need note this number (604-W WIFi and 604 are not same.)

  • 604 607 608 helicopter

    Ming Ji remote control helicopter parts, MJ NO.604 607 608 spare parts can buy at here;

    NO.604 is larger helicopter, it is not 2.4G; MINGJI 607 608 are small helicopter.

  • 802 812 817 Helicopter

    MJ MINGJI NO.812 is large helicopter, 3.5CH, 7.4V 1500mAh, long about 100CM, we have ugprade battery, can fly longer time;

    MING JI NO.817, 818 are small helicopter; so when you buy the parts, you need check the helikopter number.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 41 items