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KOOME rc helicopter, (Koo Me) it is new brand, there ere many good helicopter and quadcopter, K-series, now, you can buy all parts for these helicopter.

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  • K300A K300C K400 K500...

    KOOME UFO, koo me helicopter parts, remote control quadocopter parts, K300A and K300C are same quad, But K300A have no camera, you can install the HD camera; K400 is mini Quad copter; K500 (K-500) and K500S (K500C) are same UFO, you can buy camera for K500; K600 and K600C are same Quadrocopter, but, K600C is included Camera.

  • KOOME K008 K009 K039

    KOOME helicopter parts, K008 is mini Helicopter, about 21cm; K009 is big helicopter, about 38cm, 3.5CH; K039 are same K039 is larger helicopter, about 78cm, 3.5ch 2.4G. now, you can buy all parts for these KOOME helicopter.

  • K026L K036 K012 K036-1

    KOOME Remote control helicopter parts, K026 and K026L are same helicopter, only the color are not same, K026L is mini helicopter, 3.5ch; K036 is old version helicopter, K036-1 is new version, so you must be check this; K012 is larger helikopter, about 30cm; We have all parts for these KOOME helicopter.

  • K027 K017P/T K020 K017C

    KOOME remote control helicopter spare parts, K027 K017P/T K017C are new style helicopter, there are wheel, good toys for children; K020 is larger helicopter, about 40cm, 4CH.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 63 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 63 items