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MJX RC Helicopter toys factory is big very famous, it was in ShanTou City, Meijiaxin toys is another name, it product many toys, Big helicopter, Quadcopter, helicopter wit camera, Example F645, F649, F669. We have all parts for them, if you can not find the parts, please tell us.

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  • F45 F645 Helicopter Parts

    MJX F45 F645 is new Helicopter, big helicopter, can install Camera, and there are many Upgrade parts for F645, For example: F45 Main brushless motor kit, F645 brushless tail motor kit, upgrade battery and upgrade Receiver board. F-series F645 i-helicopter.

  • F49 F649 shuttle...

    MJX F49 Shuttle parts, F649 helicopter parts, mjxr/c F49 is flybarless Single Propelle helicopter, big helicopter, you can buy upgrade parts: camera, power battery, brushless motor, tail brushless motor. F-series I-heli. it is 2.4G with Gyro. can play about 110m.

  • F46 F646 helicopter Parts

    MJX F46 helicopter is Single propeller, long about 51cm, can play bout 7 minutes; F-series F646 Shuttle use 7.4V 700mAh Li-po Battery. we have upgrade power battery for it.

  • T53 T54 helicopter Parts

    MJX T53 and T54 helicopter is small helicopter; T53 length 25.5cm, use 3.4v 300mAh battery; T54 length size about 29.5CM, use 3.7V 300mAh Battery, both are very good, good toys for children. the parts are not same, so when you buy it, must be note this.

  • X400 X500 Quad Copter

    MJXR/C X-Series Quad-copter, remote control radio Quadcopter. MJX X400 is 2.4Ghz, 6-axis, can install HD camer C4002; and you can use power li-po battery. mjx rc X500 is large Quadrocopter.

  • X300 X600 FPV 2.4G

    MJX I-heli, MJX X300 X600 FPV 2.4G new Quad-copter, can install HD camera, 3.7v li-poly 750mAh battery, play about 10 minutes. MJXR/C x300 x600 upgrade spare parts.

  • X700 X800 FPV 2.4G

    MJX X700 X800 FPV 2.4G large Quad-copter, they are not simple Quadcopter, can real-time, HD camera. you can buy power battery and upgrade parts for them.

  • X900 X101 X111 Quad

    MJX X900 is the X-series quad-copter, also is the best quadcopter in the x-series. it use li-poly battery, can install HD camera. MJX R/C X101 X111 are large quadrocopter, you can buy motor, rotor, gear and other spare parts at here.

  • T57 T64 FPV 2.4G

    MJX T57 T64 FPV 2.4G new Helicopter, they are upgrade version, T657, T664 RC Helicopter spare parts can get now. you can buy C4005 HD camera.

  • F65 F67 Helicopter

    MJX F65 F67 helicopter is 2.4G, li-poly battery, more power, can play indoor and outdoor. we have all spare parts for MJX RC F665 F667 Helikopter.

  • F47 F48 F47B F48B

    MJX F-Series F47 F48 are 2.4G helicopter, F47B and F48B are upgrade version of F647 F648 (F47 F48), They are brushless motor. F48 F48B is flybarless, not easy to play, but it is very funy. when you buy spare parts, you need note your mjxr/c helicopter number.

  • F39 T40 T40C Heli

    MJX F39 F639 and T40 T40C are big helicopter, and they can install HD camera, many parts are same, but you need check it. MJXR/C T640C helicopter is included camera. we have more power battery for them, 7.4V 2200mAh battery, can play longer time.

  • T31 T32 Helicopter Parts

    MJX RC T-series T31 and T32 are small helicopter, they are the newest style helicopter. We have all spare parts for them (T631 T632 helikopter).

  • X-701 X-702 Quad-copter

    MJX R/C X-701, X-702 Quad-copter Spare Parts; we offer all parts, included: X701 Battery, X702 motor and other accessories. you can find Upgrade battery at here, play longer time.

    X-701 and X-702 ufo are all 2.4G 3D roll 6-Aixs, but the parts are not same, so, you need note this.

  • T55C Helicopter Parts

    MJX R/C T-Series T55C FPV Helicopter spare parts;

    MJX T55C (T655C) is FPV aerial photos, HD Camera. 7.4V 1500mAh battery.

    you can buy the upgrade battery for it, play longer time.

  • MJX RC B6 B8 Quadcopter

    MJX R/C Technic B6 Quadcopter, MJX B8 RC Drone Spare parts.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 173 items