HuaJun Aeromodelling Helicopter

Welcome to HUAJUN Aeromodelling helicopter shop, HJ HuaJun Helicoter toys factory is very famous, product many big and small helicopter, included Quadrocopter, UFO. you can buy parts for Hua Jua toys. 

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  • HJ370C HJ380C UFO parts

    HUAJUN Aeromodelling Quadcopter, HJ370 and HJ370C is big Quad copter; HJ380 and HJ380C is 2.4ghz high pixcel Camera UFO. W608-7 and W608-8 UFO accessories. welcome to buy Huajuntoys products. 

  • HJ801C HJ802 UFO Parts

    HUAJUN aeremodelling helicopter parts, HUA JUN RC Quadcopter: HJ801, HJ801C is camera version; HJ802 is new UFO, mini Quadrocopter. NO.W608-2 and HJ801C are same UFO, only the number are not same. you can buy HD Video for them.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 150 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 150 items